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Designed to help you build your business, grow your brand, and own your genius!

Products Page

Designed to help you build your business, grow your brand, and own your genius!

Stop Letting Intellectual Property Beat You

Need help protecting your brand, content, and ideas but don’t know where to start?  In my 5-day Own Your Genius Challenge, you’ll learn the basics about intellectual property, and most importantly, discover how to identify and protect your own!  Only 5 days and only 15 minutes per day, it’s time for you to Own Your Genius!™

  • How to identify and protect your trademarks
  • How to protect your content and avoid copyright infringement
  • How to determine if your idea can be protect by patents
  • How to decide what to share and how to protect yourself when you do

The Complete Guide to Trademarking

Are you worried about someone stealing your name, logo or other brand elements? If you’re looking to build your brand in confidence and protect it, even if you don’t have the funds quite yet to register your mark, in this book you’ll learn:

  • What trademarks really are and the trademark process
  • How to create a great trademark
  • How to protect your brand on a dime, plus more!

The Workbook For Those Ready To Get *Ish Done​

It’s time to stop playing around and get *ish done. Attorney LaConya Murray has taken the guesswork out of writing your business plan but she also knows that  knowledge without action is unprofitable. Use the information in these exercises to take the following action:

  • Create your brand story
  • Develop a profitable marketing plan
  • Properly price your products, plus more!

The Book That Makes Becoming Your Own Boss Easier

If you have ever wondered what clauses to look out for when entering a contract, whether your business needs to be corporation or LLC, or have ever asked, “what do I need to know before I start my business, this book is for you. Written in layman’s terms, Attorney LaConya Murray guides entrepreneurs through:

  • Creating an effective business plan
  • Identifying their intellectual property
  • Determining what contracts and business insurance they need, plus much more!
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