Own Your Genius Challenge

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If you want to protect your brand but aren’t clear what that means, where to start, or the process; the Own Your Genius Challenge is a great start!  The Own Your Genius Challenge is a five day, online challenge designed to teach you the process and basics of intellectual property(IP) to allow you identify your own IP and what’s needed to protect it.

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Stop Letting Intellectual Property Beat You

Need help protecting your brand, content, and ideas but don’t know where to start?  In my 5-day Own Your Genius Challenge, you’ll learn the basics about intellectual property, and most importantly, discover how to identify and protect your own!  Only 5 days and only 15 minutes per day, it’s time for you to Own Your Genius!™

  • How to identify and protect your trademarks
  • How to protect your content and avoid copyright infringement
  • How to determine if your idea can be protect by patents
  • How to decide what to share and how to protect yourself when you do
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